2017 Work Schedule

Hi all,

I thought I should start making public my work schedule, so that people who peruse my site may know when I am available. So far, for 2017:

Feb-March: Corinth Excavations, working for K. Slane (Roman), K. Garnett (late Roman lamps), and G.D.S.R. Sanders (Byzantine/Medieval) {American}

April: Trip home to the States. Digital inking of images from the previous year

May: Aegina at some point for a few days, drawing textile tools for M. Vetters {Austrian}. Corinth for the rest if there is room for me during the excavation season. End of May-early June, I will be working for the WARP project near Argos {Canadian}.

June: Samos, for O. Kouka (EH pottery) {Cypriot}

July: Mt. Lykaion project in Arcadia (usually BA and Geometric), for M. Voyatzis {American}

August: Didyma project in Turkey {German}

September: Molyvoti in Thrace at some point {American}

October: Aigeira excavations, usually BA pottery for J. Rutter {Austrian}. Corinth, for K. Slane (Roman) {American}

Schedule liable to change especially before and after the summer.

And since I haven’t updated this site in a while, I’d like to boast about the 2099 drawings of Classical pottery I inked in November of 2016 for G. Klebinder-Gauss in Aegina. I have never taken on so much at once (and that’s only for one summer of the project!)


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